I am an artist, born on the Jersey Shore. I spent my formative years in New York City and Los Angeles. I mostly work in the mediums of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and design.


I live in Los Angeles with my wife and invisible dog.



All of my paintings tell stories. Many stories are basic narratives other are metaphors, some are symbols. I begin almost every piece without trying to create a specific image. I attempt to forget what I know until I discover a theme to pursue or until it resembles my vision or mood. Starting a piece without knowing the outcome keeps the work honest. I work until the painting seems to breathe on its own.


My approach to texture is a constant appreciation for the eyes abilities to feel the surface. The treatment of the surface is important - abrasions, lines, scratches, gouges, and layers of paint or paper are not suppressed; most often, i want the viewer to see the process and path I took. I deeply value the history of the recycled media that my work contains.


I often get my inspiration by combining colors, shapes, and collages until the sum of the parts emerge. Collage and mixed media provides the best medium for exploring my visual concerns. By cutting and pasting written or mass-produced text and images alongside drawn images, i am able to reconfigure these new materials into creative works with both personal and public meanings. I want everyone to relate to my works...to find some part of their life in the work... their love affairs, sprees, sorrows, memories, moments of balance and moments of falling from
one’s center. 


Breadwinner, 1996

Whitney, 2000

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